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teamWho We Are

A small group of local villagers got together to bring a music festival back to Farnborough Village for local artists for local people. We have incorporated two local charities who do great work locally.

The Maypole Project based in Green Street Green who help children who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness and the Farnborough Village Society who exist to encourage a strong local community with events such a the Village Christmas lights.

FVMF welcomes you to a great day out with great music.

The Maypole Project

The Maypole Project provides a unique pattern of emotional psychological/social support which is based on and led by the families’ needs.  It’s unique because of the way that it’s provided; flexible and on-going, professional and understanding.

Children who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness between the ages of 0 – 18 can access our support.

When a family is referred to The Maypole Project, where it is possible, we suggest a meeting with the whole family.  In this meeting we explain all the services we provide and, through this initial session, begin to help the family and/or each family member to decide what support they need. In this way our flexible support can be designed to fit each person’s needs.

On-going support for the whole family can be through supportive home visits or family therapy.


Farnborough Village Society

The Society exists to Organise and attract local people to participate in enjoyable village events.

To encourage a strong local community and preserve the integrity of our beautiful village.

For fundraising and voluntary work to help good causes.

To organise, pay for, install and maintain the Farnborough Christmas Lights.